The 3P Operations Framework

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Are you a current manager who wants to grow personally & professionally so that you can help your business grow and earn that next raise or promotion but don't know where to start?

Or, are you a business owner looking to develop your current and future leaders to 10x your business by replicating your success through them, but help to do it?

Then, this brand new course is for you!

In my journey to executive leadership I didn't have the proper soft skill, leadership and soft skill training and it was a difficult road. So, I want to help you prepare for success and get to your desired level of leadership position that you desire.

This course is built from over 23 years of coaching, management and executive leadership experience.

I hope this course not only provides you the opportunity for your current leadership success, desired promotion and monetary goals, but more so to be a leader that people want to follow!

What You Can Expect

If you are looking for a quick and easy course to gain a little knowledge and move on then you are in the wrong place.

This 12-week workshop style course is unique because it will optimize both your personal productivity and align your current work situation with business operations fundamentals, so that you become a next level producer.

The 3P Operations Framework course was designed to move team members from a "Clock Puncher" mentality to an "Owner" mentality so that your company and your career can grow further and faster.

Course Outcomes

Team members will:

  • Maximize their personal and professional productivity.
  • Will learn how to apply business operations best practices to their current position.
  • Will learn to take ownership in all they do.
  • Will be empowered to reach what ever level of leadership they desire.
  • Will become invaluable to their companies now and for years to come on the open job market.

Business Owners will:

  • Build trust with their team members.
  • Be empowered to lead the vision of the business not the daily operations.
  • Develop & retain team members and avoid opportunity costs.
  • 10x their business by replicating their vision through their leaders.
  • Set up to grow to sustainability.

Course Details

Module 1: Priority & Time Management

Prioritize & Manage your Personal and Work Life to Succeed

Section 1 (Define Reality): Assess and track time.

Section 2 (Prioritization): Avoid urgency, create a Life Plan.

Section 3 (Time Management): Efficient scheduling and tasks.

Section 4 (Personal Decision Making): Optimize work, delegate, decide.

Module 2: Planning & Problem Solving

Strategic Planning & Critical Thinking to Create Winning Processes

Section 1 (Vision & Expectations): Set clear goals.

Section 2 (Planning & SOPs): Document processes.

Section 3 (Problem-Solving): Use the Bottom Line Investigator Framework.

Section 4 (Completing an SOP): Apply SOPs to solve problems.

Module 3: Productivity & Leadership

Become an Owner to 10x your Business and Your Future!

Section 1 (Integrity & Commitment): Foster transparency and purpose.

Section 2 (Communication & Teamwork): Improve teamwork.

Section 3 (Leadership & Measurement): Create scoreboards for success.

Section 4 (Ownership & Critical Thinking): Think like an owner, make wise decisions.

I want this!

100% Satisfaction Gauranteed

I'm so confident that this course will give you the skills you and/or your employees need to move from "Clock Punchers" to "Owners" that I'm offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you don't see measurable improvement in your digital skills or job prospects, I'll refund your tuition.

- You are required to view all of the course videos in there entirety, at least once.
- You are required to send all of the completed assignments, two completed assessments (before and after), and written explanation of your full refund request to,
- You must attend a live, personal coaching session with Ryan Johnson.

Last updated Sep 7, 2023

In 12 lessons, the 3P Operations Framework will move employees from a "Clock Puncher" mentality to an "Owner" mentality to 10x your business!.

Assess and take charge of your life
Learn valuable business operations planning strategy
Develop an Ownership mentality and 10x your personal & professional results!
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The 3P Operations Framework

3 ratings
I want this!